Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, Mother NatureSarah Blaffer Hrdy, Mother Nature
What is a maternal instinct? Can a woman "lose" it? If women instinctively love their babies, why do we find so many examples of women abusing their own children and being directly or indirectly involved in infanticide? Why so many mothers around the world behave discriminatory toward their own children?  
And what about fathers? Why did they become more attentive to their children's needs? Do they also have a "maternal instinct"? And why are men so interested in controlling, by all kinds of rules and taboos, women's reproduction?
Sarah Hrdy, an anthropologist and primatologist, argues that the western culture's view of motherhood is sentimentally appealing but fails to take into account the wide range of responses that comprise maternal "instincts," including those that may seem counterintuitive to reproductive goals.
Sarah Hrdy also speaks out against prejudices women face ― which are still numerous in the social sciences ― and rejects the consequences of the popular belief of the Blank Slate like the gender theory and the education policies based on it.



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