When nuclear explosions reflect cultural maturity

 2053 atomic bomb explosions between 1945 and 1998.

One can imagine their moral and ecological impact on the short and the long term...

One can notice that the northern European nations —which yet benefit an economic and social wealth envied by the rest of the world— did not feel the need to join the "nuclear club" nor to invest —as much as other "developed" nations— their wealth in military expenses.


One might wonder why the Scandinavian countries (Iceland on the top) do not feel the need to secure their power. One might also wonder which, between "violence" and "peaceful resolution mode", is the most advanced stage of consciousness, and the less "natural" (whereas in conflict management or in seeking resources). Finally, one might wonder why some societies and people feel the need to assert their power, their wealth to exist.

Could it be possible that nations merely reflect their people's way of thinking? Could it be possible that nations, like individuals, pursue more or less mature goals and therefore more or less fertile goals?


And what if the real "level of civilization" had nothing to do with neither the technological nor the intellectual nor the artistic achievement? What if it was instead related to the level of concern for others and the environment?


In this case, how can we accept to entrust crucial worldwide decisions to nations (or people) stuck in social status seeking and violent political strategies?

Couldn't we start to overcome our old tribal logic of the power, this "more ego, more power"? Would it not be wiser, and in the interest of the greatest number, to determine the amount of responsibilities, no longer on the level of wealth or military influence of a nation but rather on its capability to care for its people, especially the least fortunate, for the other nations and globally for what surrounds him? Will we find the humility to overcome our communitarian instincts in order to accept being guided by the more civilized nations and to learn from them?