Is Internet one of these new technologies supposed to revolutionize education (such as radio, movies and computers were in their time) ... but that will quickly disappoint us because it merely repeats the way teachers deliver their courses, making them more playful, but without real change?

The previous "revolutions of education" have all failed because what limits learning isn't the means used, but what happens inside the student's head.



But if, instead of just mimicking a teacher (as do videos for example), could internet allowed us to create better teachers? Teachers that will be personalized and who would be able to adjust the content to each student's abilities and teach them exactly what they needs to learn when they are ready for it. If so, these fully personalized digital teachers might be able to exceed the limit of education that any previous technology has never managed to overcome.

Associating these technologies to a better understanding of human thinking could help us not only to make learning more efficient, but also ―and above all― more pleasant and fruitful.