More and more people are realizing the impact of their food choices on the environment.

Solutions are often radical such as vegetarianism or veganism. But getting rid of meat and animal products remains easier to imagine than to do. This lack of nuance does not play in favor of the efficiency of this action because by trying to do too much, we increase the risk of getting discouraged, and ending up doing nothing. The problem with this kind of radical solutions is that they do not take into account the limits of human nature, and in this case, of the willpower. Considering our limitations is the best way to maintain the effort in the long run: it’s better to have many people doing little efforts for a long time than only a handful of people making considerable efforts but risking getting discouraged on the way.


The Reducetarianism offers a more acceptable solution to the vast majority of us: it consists of making healthier food choices and more environmentally friendly choices by reducing the impact of our consumption. Setting easier targets eating less meat multiplies our chances of success.