We find the "Fairphone” business initiative interesting because this company, like more and more others, offers us the possibility to become more than a consumer. It allows us to become an actor of the global market. A consumer becomes an actor when he realizes the impact of his lifestyle choices and when he tries to change the world through his choices.

We see in the Fairphone initiative more than just a business or a fashionable advertisement, we see the future of trade and profit. These initiatives go beyond the traditional and millennia-old concept of profit, a profit centered on a person or a group of people usually genetically related (family, nations) at the expense of the rest: the other people, other groups and the environment.

This traditional, natural and short-term view of profit, which consists in getting rich at the expense of others, slowly begin to be overcome by a growing number of individuals and nations. More and more people become able to think further, to expand the concept of profit to a larger circle, including also those to whom they that are not (or less) related and the environment. The Fairphone initiative reflects the development of this intelligence. It reflects the development of a new way of understanding profit, and therefore the development of new human exchanges and of a new economy.


These new values ​​based on a long-term thinking ability, and a (larger) sense of concern of the others and the environment, are apparent in these Fairphone selling points:

  • ● Factory workers deserve safe conditions, fair wages and worker representation. We work closely with manufacturers that want to invest in an employee well-being. We’re putting social values first and opening up the supply chain. One step at a time.

    ● We’re addressing the full lifespan of mobile phones, including use, reuse and safe recycling. We believe that our responsibility doesn’t end with sales. We’re focusing on longevity and repairability to extend the phone’s usable life.