Scandal around Facebook social experiment: : a threat to our privacy or... to our narcissistic perception of human nature?

"Facebook users feel threatened" has made headlines around the world ... Yes, but why? Because of a threat concerning the privacy issue or because this kind of study threatened our narcissistic perception of human nature?

FB experimenters: well, it seems human emotions are easily influenced...

Dude: human emotions — my emotions — are deep and sacred! They can't just be volatile, random and shallow!

What if our great confidence in our exceptional ability to think rationally and in the profoundness of our emotional state was a fake life belt we instinctively grasp — because it feeds our ego-centrism — but which pulls us down, taking humanity with it?

Do we really need to feel special, above things — above others, above the other animals, above the biological mechanism —, to accept ourselves, to flourish?

An unethical experiment, really? A group of "ethicists" give it opinion on the topic