The RSC is an "evolutionary left" movement that

proposes an "evolutionary approach"

on the news, politics, arts, sciences ...


What is an "evolutionary left" approach?

An evolutionary left approach is quite different from the current left approaches:

  • We share some of the founding values of the left: wealth sharing, tolerance, individuals rights, and an extended sense of brotherhood. We are "progressive" in the sense that we find more fruitful to change the ways of doing things and thinking, to improve them, rather than to preserve them.
  • We differ from the traditional (Marxist / socialist) left-wing movements because we consider that the real roots of injustice (inequalities, exploitation, discrimination ...) do not come from a "perversion" (by civilization, society, money, power or ideology), but from some penchants in our human nature that limit us, when we are not aware of them, and when we did not learn to overcome them. We focus our fights against what in our nature belittles us, and to encourage what in our nature elevates us. So we don't fight against other ideologies, but against the roots of injustice such as individualism or intolerance — which doesn't spare any ideology.

A fight against what, in our nature, belittles us and for what, in our nature, elevates us?

Over the last few decades, discoveries in neuroscience and behavioral sciences undermine various modern beliefs about human nature. These discovering reveal its potential but also some limits. These limits initially shocked our human-centric tendencies and upset some of our moral foundations, but a better understanding of their mechanisms and impacts suggests some very promising new avenues in terms of moral and societal and development.


What is an "evolutionary approach"?

An "evolutionary left" movement follows an "evolutionary approach", which means that it aims to approach people and societal behavior under the perspective of the environmental factors (in the broad sense, e.g. historical, cultural or familial factors) but also the biological one by taking into account evolution's mechanisms. This evolutionary approach is embraced by a growing number of psychologists, anthropologists, economists but also journalists, philosophers … One could mention Steven Pinker, Leda Cosmides, John Tooby, Jared Diamond, Frans de Waal, Robert Sapolsky, Rebecca Saxe, Sarah Blaffer Hrdy ... This new trend which profoundly reshaped our understanding of humankind is currently initiating a historic change in social sciences (especially in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, United States…).

Our conceptions of human nature affect our daily lives, the way we raise our children, the political movements we embrace, all the way to our societies' organization. Sciences enable us to better understand, to better define the innate structures and the learning mechanisms that govern our thoughts and behaviors. (Steven Pinker)


The RSC's Goals

The goal of the RSC is to show how current beliefs about human nature affect the way we look at the world and organize our societies. Based on an evolutionary interpretation of human nature, RSC proposes new ways to solve social, ecological and economic tensions and to live together.