Cognitive Bias - The world is complex, far too complex for our human brainsThe world is complex, far too complex for our human brains. And yet, we have no difficulty describing what is happening around us, well, at least to interpret these complex realities through ... simple stories.

We tell ourselves these stories, not consciously, but instinctively, mechanically, impulsively. We can't help but find a common thread , link the actors and events into "logic" sequences. And we do this, even when we look at the clouds, "this one looks like a giraffe that is drinking," or when we listen to music "that melody is cheerful!". We even do that instinctively while looking at basic symmetrical shapes moving around! (You can experiment that by watching the fun v ...

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Feux de cheminée : arriverons-nous à faire le deuil de nos traditions individualistes ?

Yes, why?



Those who suffer from such pollution are in the same situation as before the asbestos scandals. The politicians were also telling them: "we can’t do anything, even if it has been the demonstrated that asbestos is carcinogenic, because no law forbids it."

Asbestos has been banned in the (most) developed countries since the 80ies.

If you can see or smell smoke from your wood heater then you are causing a problem for yourself, your family and your neighbors. (The Australian Environment Protection Authority ―EPA) A new log burning stove emits more PM2.5 each year than 1000 pe ...

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Le futur de l'éducation

Is Internet one of these new technologies supposed to revolutionize education (such as radio, movies and computers were in their time) ... but that will quickly disappoint us because it merely repeats the way teachers deliver their courses, making them more playful, but without real change?

The previous "revolutions of education" have all failed because what limits learning isn't the means used, but what happens inside the student's head.



But if, instead of just mimicking a teacher (as do videos for example), could internet allowed us to create better teachers? Teachers that will be personalized and who would be able to adjust the content to each student's abilities and teach them exactly what they needs to learn when they are ready for it. If so, these fully personalized digital teachers might be ...

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Evolution Has No Goal

The mechanisms of evolution can be difficult to understand because evolution does not follow any defined plans and thus gives rise to adaptations whose paths are sometimes surprising. This video shows an example of this "blind" and "imperfect" evolution : the course followed by the laryngeal nerve in giraffe.

This example clearly shows that evolution doesn't follow the most direct path nor the most logical or effective one... Evolution is a blind mechanism which builds on what is already in place. As long as it's working, it's working!


Learn more:  watch a short animation that aims to rectify common misconceptions about evolution such as the "survival of the fittest" or evolution's "goal"...

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Jesuispartoftheproblem EN


 The French love to oppose their "sacred Republican values" (and the Glorious Revolution that goes with), with "terrorism" or "barbarity".

They forgot that the word "terrorisme" was actually invented by the French population to depict the Republicans. The word "terrorisme" originally referred to the "state terrorism" practiced by the French revolutionary government during the Reign of terror. 

The Reign of Terror (1793 – 1794) was a period of violence that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution. The Terror was marked by authoritarian regimes and mass executions of the "enemies of the revolution". The death toll ranged in the tens of thousands. And 80% of the victims didn ...

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Bureau LVF Islamisme
Manichaeism Islamism Islamist moral sense crusade pure evil Voluntary Legion against Islamism —recruitment office




What if we got the wrong enemy?

And what if we were not the “victims of terrorism” but of our immaturity?


And what if we were the victims of our shallowness, of our difficulty to perceive the complexity of the world, and of our easiness to interpret it through naïve stories?


And what if we were the victims of our lack of consideration for others and of our inability to see things from others' perspectives, particularly from the perspective of those whose interests and logic contradict ours?






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