The SVT: an answer to the current political deadlock

The Single Transferable Vote is a method based on a counterintuitive strategy able to conciliate two factors generally seen as incompatible:

The STV overcomes wars parties by allowing each elector to vote for an individual candidate or candidates, without relying on closed party lists. The STV is proportional, meaning that the elected candidates proportionately reflect the voters' choices.

So far, the STV is the only type of ballot able to ensure these two basic principles required to build more democratic societies.

What if it was neither the politicians nor the political parties, but our intuitions that led us to the current political deadlock? What if the most direct solution was to become aware of our cognitive biases, and to learn to question our moral intuitions?



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Consommation Collaborative Et Mythe De La Perceuse

collaborative consumption and the myth of the drill

This French article talk about the difficulties faced by collaborative consumption projects in the current economical market.

Collaborative consumption projects (also called "sharing economy") is becoming more and more popular. The enthusiasm for this form of exchange could be a predictor of a massive shift toward more mature and fruitful values. These initiatives could well be the first steps toward a more mature way to conceive economic exchanges.

But unfortunately most of these projects fail. They fail because they are too heavy to be carried out by the private individuals who launched them, and/or because they rely on a biased and idealistic view of huma ...

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Reducetarian: a community of individuals who are committed to eating less meat for the benefit of themselves and the environment

More and more people are realizing the impact of their food choices on the environment.

Solutions are often radical such as vegetarianism or veganism. But getting rid of meat and animal products remains easier to imagine than to do. This lack of nuance does not play in favor of the efficiency of this action because by trying to do too much, we increase the risk of getting discouraged, and ending up doing nothing. The problem with this kind of radical solutions is that they do not take into account the limits of human nature, and in this case, of the willpower. Considering our limitations is the best way to maintain the effort in the long run: it’s better to have many people doing little efforts for a long time than only a handful of people making considerable efforts but risking getting discouraged on the way.


The Reducetarianism offers a more acceptable s ...

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Fairphone: Together we can change the way products are made.

We find the "Fairphone” business initiative interesting because this company, like more and more others, offers us the possibility to become more than a consumer. It allows us to become an actor of the global market. A consumer becomes an actor when he realizes the impact of his lifestyle choices and when he tries to change the world through his choices.

We see in the Fairphone initiative more than just a business or a fashionable advertisement, we see the future of trade and profit. These initiatives go beyond the traditional and millennia-old concept of profit, a profit centered on a person or a group of people usually genetically related (family, nations) at the expense of the rest: the other people, other groups and the environment.

This traditional, natural and short-term view of profit, which consists in getting rich at the expense of others, slowly begin to ...

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relayridesOn average, in France, a car costs around €5,000 per year to its owner even if it is parked 95% of the time ...

Given that in city, it is easy to get around on foot, by bike or using public transport, and that a car is used only for special times, is it really necessary to be the owner?

RelayRides offers all vehicle owners to rent a car for 1 hour, a day or a week with a simple and ingenious system of linking and use of the service ...



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Savoir Vivre Is The Ability


The "Savoir-Vivre" is the ability to care for others ... before (without) the needs for the other to recall that he is living... too.


The "Savoir-Vivre" is the ability to care for others ... before (without) the needs for the other to recall that he is living... too.


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