better understand evolutionnary psychology

Evolutionary psychology is not really a sub-discipline of psychology as it's a new way of approaching the questions of psychology from the special perspective of evolution. 

Instead of regarding the human brain as Tabula Rasa, a kind of blank slate on which everything (or nearly) is written (as the main current in social science do), evolutionary psychologists see it more like a Swiss Army knife: a collection of various tools, each of which performs a specific function. Those tools would be over the course of time selected by evolution

Naturally, evolutionary psychologists do recognize that all individuals develop their own personal preferences and abilities in the course of their lives. But according to evolutionary psychology, behind these personal attributes, that can be learned, lie certain innate, universal attitudes that are found in all cultures. This matrix is the “human nature”. This human nature is the result of the long evolutionary process, the fruit of the history of life, from microbes to humans

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